Earthquake in the Music Business

We can’t deny the rumours anymore.
Payblack, Germanys finest Rock & Metal Band launched in October 2017.

Due to safety and security of our honoured band members, exact locations and dates will be published shortly
before an event.

Whenever you reach the chance to get tickets, or book the band, be quick !
Thousands are queuing up for a live experience.

„I wish we once have the chance to play as there support act“ – Kirk Hammett / Metallica

„These guys are the true essence of Rock´n´Roll“ – Slash / Guns´n´Roses

2 thoughts on “Earthquake in the Music Business

  1. After the last concert, I couldn’t even drive an hour afterwards, I was sitting in the car, still shaking.
    A truly earth-shattering experience, thank you so much !

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